About The Software

Open-Source and Free

The software is proudly open source and is distributed under the MIT license. Pull requests are welcome! Donations are also welcome to keep the project going.

Easy to Install

The software requires very little setup to be up and running. Just install the Node.js runtime and a few extra steps. It can run on MacOS, Windows, or Linux and was designed to lightweight to run well on a Raspberry Pi.

Web Browser Interface

Once installed, the software can be configured and maintained through a web browser interface.

View Tally On Phone

You can view tally data from a phone, tablet, or any device with a web browser.

View Tally with a blink(1)

You can use a blink(1) USB light to view tally data, even wirelessly on a Raspberry Pi Zero W!

Works with traditional Tally connections

You can easily connect to your camera CCUs or other systems using GPO or contact-closures by using the provided Tally Arbiter GPO and Relay listener clients.

View on M5Stick-C ESP32 Arduino

You can use an M5Stick-C for very portable wireless tally!

Send tally data to the cloud

Easily send tally data between servers so that you don't have to have users tunnel into your private production network.


Tally Arbiter has many features with more being added as the user base grows.

Cloud Support

Local servers can send tally data to a master cloud server, enabling access to tally data from outside of closed networks without having to set up network tunneling.

Outgoing Webhooks

Tally states can be configured to send outgoing webhooks or OSC requests if a certain device enters or exits the Program layer, for example.

Producer View

A dark-mode page designed for Producers to see all Devices and their current tally states.

View Tally Data in Many Ways

Several different types of listener clients are available, from viewing on a phone, to using a blink(1) USB light on a Pi Zero, or even control relays and GPOs. All connected over the network, ethernet or wifi.

Many Switcher and Protocols Supported

The software can work with Blackmagic ATEM, Ross Video, StudioCoast vMix, OBS Studio, Roland Smart Tally, Newtek Tricaster, OSC, and any broadcast system supporting the TSL UMD v3.1 protocol.

Controllable by Companion

View tally states for devices and ping/flash any connected listener client through the free software, Companion, by Bitfocus.



See what Tally Arbiter can do.

TSl Protocol Conversion

TA can take any tally data from any supported source and relay it to your TSL clients, to drive multiviewers and other tally systems.

Cloud Server

Learn how to set up Tally Arbiter Cloud and send data from behind your private production network to anywhere in the world.

Control with Companion

Viewing tally data on a streamdeck and flashing a connected client has never been easier.

M5StickC Arduino

A portable ESP32 tally light! See it in action.

Get Started

Head on over to Github and download the Tally Arbiter server software to get started.

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Primary Contributors to the Tally Arbiter Project

Joseph Adams

"I wrote this software because we needed a tally system at my church, but I released it open source because I wanted a low-cost and flexible tally light solution to be available to anyone who needs it. You can read more about me and my other projects on my blog, techministry.blog.